Ok. I know the title of this post is provocative but it got you reading – and it’s almost certainly true.

It’s probably true because my kid’s class website is a number of things that most websites aren’t like clear, useful, easy to find and aesthetically pleasing. Actually, the first great thing about it is that it exists. I’ve had kids in school for six years but this is the first class website I’ve had. (My older kid had a pretty good science class blog at his old school.) The second great thing is that the website is for both parents and kids – and the information is formatted to appeal to which ever audience it targets.

Other great things about the site:

  • It’s simple and clear– Seven links in the upper right corner contain all the site’s info:
    • Home
    • Agenda & Calendars
    • Class Information
    • What We’re Learning
    • Look What I Did!
    • Teacher Tips
    • Links
  • It has the key info every parent needs: what is my kid learning and when are they learning it? The Agenda and Calendar link has the notes that come home in the kids’ paper agendas. This is very useful as the kids’ write their own paper agenda notes and they can take some deciphering. This link also has the daily and monthly class schedule and the school board calendar.
  •  It’s visually fun


  • It’s mostly for the kids – from the home page letter from the teacher that starts, “Dear grade 2s and 3s” to the “Look What I Did!” section, the site is designed to give the kids a place online to do what kids have always loved doing: showing their parents what they did in school. And it’s working. Our little guy is already excitedly getting us to crack open the laptop to see what he’s been up to in school.
  • It doesn’t have social media site sharing links – this feature, that’s so common place on the web, would make parents like me nervous – and with good reason. It’s one thing for us to make the choice to give our personal info to Facebook or Twitter but quite another for anyone using the class website to make that choice on behalf of our kids – and that’s what they’d do by clicking the Share link.

The site could use a Search button and clarity in a couple of links. The Teacher Tips link would be better named Tips for Parents and Class Information would be better called Classroom Information as it deals mostly with things in the actual classroom.

The teacher used the now discontinued iWeb on her Macbook to make the site. Google has Google Sites that looks pretty simple like most Google products. (However, I’ve never used it so if you have please leave a comment about your experience). I also found this review of web design software that might help.

Now get out there and create! Parents everywhere will thank you.


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