I was listening to episode #137 of Mitch Joel’s Six Pixels of Separation today in which he recasts episode #121 of Joseph Jaffe’s Jaffe Juice podcast featuring a panel conversation on podcasting with some social media royalty. The chat included Adam Curry, Mitch Joel, Cliff Ravenscraft, Shel Holtz, Mignon Fogarty (Grammar Girl), Terry Fallis, Lee Hopkins as well as Jay Berkowitz, Dave Guerra, and Jay Moonah.

The conversation provided lots of great insights into the state of podcasting including a good discussion on making money off podcasts if that’s your goal. One thing in particular that caught my attention was Adam Curry’s comments about how his company Mevio uses the transaction business model. That means Mevio host plug products and tell people how they can buy it and the client only pays Mevio when they do. So the "let’s hope it works" element of straight ads is gone. Companies only pay when someone actually buys something – but they still get the benefit of the promo even if someone doesn’t buy.

So a company selling, say fair trade goods, need only search out podcasts and vodcasts offer transactional spots that serve their target audience. They don’t have to be shows with big audiences – just the right audience.

This raises two interesting questions:

1) do any such shows exist and, if so, how many?

2) do any of them to transactional promos?

Google here I come.

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