Attended another great Third Tuesday Ottawa event tonight with Globe and Mail reporter Mathew Ingram talking about what the Globe is doing with social media. Here’s the blurb from the Third Tuesday site:

The Globe recently appointed Mathew as their “communities manager.” He is well qualified for this position, having established himself as one of Canada’s most respected and widely followed technology bloggers and reporters.

Since he took over as community manager, the Globe has engaged in high profile social media experiments – most notably using CoverItLive for live coverage of a subway shooting in Toronto, the Canadian budget and the visit to Ottawa of President Obama; the establishment of a public policy Wiki; and encouraging other Globe reporters to make it personal by using Twitter.

Some highlights:

  • 85% of the Globe’s revenue is still from the print version
  • the Globe online got 10,000 comments/day during election
  • the Globe is changing its business while still doing it and the challenge is how to change the business without destroying what got you where you are
  • the fact that the Globe’s policy wiki is so serious/boring has kept vandals away from it out of lack of interest

Mathew Ingram – Social Media at the Globe and Mail

Presentation (click the player below)

Q&A (click here)

Enjoy the conversation.

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  1. Science Library Pad Says:

    Mathew Ingram at Third Tuesday Ottawa…

    First to get some administrivia out of the way – yes, in words I think I can attribute to Douglas Adams, as his trilogy grew to four books and more – “there was a miscounting” and Third Tuesday was indeed……

  2. Third Tuesday Ottawa: Mathew Ingram on the Globe and Mail’s Use of Social Media « Spaghetti Testing | Peter Smith Says:

    […] to listen to a recording of Mathew’s talk, hop on over to Being Buff where Robin Browne has posted a two-part podcast of the event. Nice work […]

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